Why Hideko?

Hideko is a bot that can do almost everything that other bots do, so no more servers full of bots!

Many features

Hideko contains a lot of fun and useful functions that will definitely come in handy on the server.

24/7 availability

Thanks to our technical background, Hideko will be accessible to you almost always.

Regular updates

We regularly add new features to Hideko. You will definitely not be bored with Hideko!

global leveling system

Each user has their own profile, which is accessible at Hideko across all servers where Hideko is.

Optimized & fast

Hideko is lovingly written with an emphasis on optimization and speed. Thanks to this, Hideko will be enough to fulfill your wishes.

Active community

In addition, Hideko has its own community server where you can find lots of emojis or ask for help.


Owners of discord servers love Hideko. Their review speaks for itself.

I recommend this bot, easy to operate, fun with it, has super commandos, according to me this bot is super.


Owner of Chill Vibes server

In my opinion, Hideko is one of the best bot. She can do almost anything and she will learn what she can't. It is the future of discord and deserves the admiration of both the bot itself and its creator.


Owner of Zmrzlinka server

hideko is a bot mostly for anime or hentai lovers, although I'm not one of them, but I like the 8ball command, which I like to annoy the creator of Hideko.


Owner of Transgender community server


Thanks to our team, we can push Hideko beyond its limits. I would like to thank all team members for their excellent work.



Takes care of regular updates and the smooth running of Hideko and related services. He consumes a lot of coffee, so you can buy him some coffee.



Takes care of anything related with design, from emojis to gifs. Everything drawn by hand is a creation of this person. She doesn't drink coffee tho.



Everytime there is a new feature this guy tests if everything is working correctly. Without him Hideko would be a ticking time bomb.